Isabella is a real beauty.   
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A real buff beauty!  Sadie is one of
our favorites around here.  She is
a very loving and affectionate
dog.  The children just adore Sadie
and she loves to play with them.
What a handsome dog!  Elliot is
so sweet and affectionate!  We
just love him!
Our beautiful girls.  Maggie, Hattie
and her baby girl Lilly. These three
sure are a joy to have around here.
Lena is a little black and white
parti Cocker.  She is very sweet!
Hattie just loves her mommy.  
She just loves to be close and
could sit in my lap all day.
People have visited this site
Joey has found his way into
our hearts!
Hey, does anyone have a
get out of jail free card?
Hi, my name is
Jesse.  I am cute...
and I can even sing
and dance!
Elliot is such a beautiful boy!
Hattie is Mommy's baby!  She is so
Rose is royalty around here!
Rosie (above), Hattie (Right)  
loving the fireplace!
"Sophia"  Daughter of CH.
Tamaron's Cover Girl
Beautiful Girls:  Top
left: Sadie, Top Right:
Sarah (daughter of CH
Buttonwood Briar
Rose), Middle Left:
Sophia, Middle Right:
Hattie and Jessie
Bottom: Hattie and
Jesse.  So Cute!
Above:  Our sweet Millie.  
She is beautiful and so
sweet and loving.  We just
love her!
Hi, I am Jesse and I am all grown
up and I want so much to be a
daddy but my mommy won't let me!
She says I am not old enough yet.
And since I am such a mommy's
boy, I guess I will have to wait.
Welcome to
Dawson Family Cockers
Located In: State College, PA
Cheryl Dawson
(814) 234 -1355
Jolie and Katie (Katie is
the daughter of Sophia)
Sadie and Elliots